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Thursday, August 26, 2004

This MSNBC headline suggests that he is.
Thursday, August 19, 2004
  I thought Rush had a great comment today. Not a common event, IMO. He asked a caller, "What medals did Bob Dole receive for his service in WWII? What medals did George HW Bush get for his service?"

The caller said, "I don't know."

Rush: "Exactly! They both ran for president and they never talked about their medals. Why is it that John Kerry feels the need to constantly remind us of his?"

..or something to that effect. I hadn't really thought about it that way before. Not only is Kerry lying about some of his war exploits, he's being gouche. Or is it something more? Is he waving those medals in our face so violently to distract us from something else?

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Here's more on Bob Sokoler's dismissal from WHAS. WHAS's claim that they want "to try to give the show a facelift and focus on content a little more" seems a bit vague. I think they just want a different host. And they probably have a person (or persons) in mind to fill the spot. I would expect the change to occur on Monday, so they can benefit from the publicity while they broadcast from Churchill Downs.
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Man! 84WHAS (840 AM in Louisville) doesn't mess around. During their noon news I heard their announcement that morning man Bob Sokoler was off the air for good today. Just checked the web site and there is no trace of Sokoler at all. A suposed official press release saying that they are going in a different direction is not there either. The "84Online" site, Sokoler's Sunday afternoon computer show, is down (Here is the cached site - even the photos are gone!). WHAS's program schedule shows a program called "Handel on the Law" in its place, and simply the "WHAS Morning Team" for tomorrow's 5-9 am program.

The lesson? Don't trust Clear Channel to be sentimental when they decide that you're history. 
Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Louisville's Kentucky Derby Festival began last Saturday with Thunder Over Louisville, a huge air- and fireworks show. Around 700,000 people crowded along the Ohio River for the day's festivities. The big news? There were no terrorist attacks on what I would consider a prime terrorist target. After all, it is purportedly the largest display of fireworks in North America.

Every time there's a local event involving thousands of people that occurs without a hitch I'm a happy guy. 
Thursday, March 18, 2004

Here's proof that Howard Dean is actually financially supporting George W. Bush! 
Thursday, March 11, 2004
  Yesterday in a conversation with a union worker, John Kerry called the Bush admistration the "most crooked ... lying group of people I've ever seen." Kerry's comment was picked up by a live mic after a political rally. Let's see how the press is reporting it today:

CNN: Kerry spokesman later said the senator wasn't referring to the president but to those behind what he characterized as a GOP attack "machine."

But the chairman of the Bush re-election campaign, former Montana Gov. Mark Racicot, isn't buying it. He says Kerry should apologize.

MY VERDICT: CNN seems fair and balanced here.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Kerry created a stir Wednesday in Chicago after he spoke via satellite to labor leaders meeting in Florida. When a supporter urged him to take on Bush, Kerry said, into a still-open microphone: "Let me tell you, we've just begun to fight. We're going to keep pounding. These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen. It's scary."

President Bush's re-election campaign demanded an apology for "this negative attack."

MY VERDICT: Gee, AP, I think this truly was a "negative attack." No quotation marks needed.

REUTERS: Democratic White House candidate John Kerry slammed his Republican critics as "crooked" liars on Wednesday and met former rival Howard Dean to discuss ways to work together to beat President Bush in November.

MY VERDICT: How does Reuters know Kerry was referring to his "Republican critics" and not the Bush team specifically? Are they psychic? This is bias.

BOSTON HERALD: President Bush is demanding an apology from Democratic rival John F. Kerry [related, bio] after the Bay State senator was caught off-guard on an open microphone branding the White House team a ``crooked'' band of liars.

MY VERDICT: "Caught off-guard?" Seems like a very deliberate, thought-out opinion by the senator. Why the modifier?

AUSTRAILIA'S THE AGE: Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry sharpened the tone of an already bitter battle with President George W Bush, branding his Republican opponents a "crooked, lying group".

His remarks followed a week of intense exchanges between the camps, including another veiled attack by Bush railing against those who would "build a wall" around the United States on the trade front.

MY VERDICT: This is simply lousy reporting. Calling Bush's challenge on Kerry's stance on free trade a "veiled attack" is equivocating this to Kerry's true attack on Bush. This is "tit for tat" reporting which is simply not true.

A variation on "Bob's your uncle," which essentially means "And there you are!" or "And there you go!" It's a vague summation of a person's opinion or point of view. I think!

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